Bartender of the Week: Kyle M.

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Have you ever met the type of person that just gives you a ticket to a sold out show? Whether your answer is “Yes” or “No” ; it can be agreed that people like that are not only awesome they are also rare. Good news though, we know right where to find a person such as this, Jimmy’s Bodega. Our BOTW Kyle McCann happens to be one of these unicorns and it must be said “if this gentleman is the one gifting you a ticket you are in for a treat (and threat of having your face rocked off)” because the dude has some seriously good taste in music.  Kyle made his way to our little party nook of a town after years of slanging drinks in Boulder and Denver and now you can catch him most nights shaking cocktails at Bodega. Its a pretty cool coincidence that both our BOTW and the establishment he works for are bright, fresh, and inviting. So it was our pleasure to chat with Kyle and get a little hint of why he is one of the chillest hombres you can run across on a night out and about in Aspen.

MA: Astrological Sign?

KM: Gemini
MA: Hometown?
KM: Yorktown Heights, New York.
MA: Celebrity Crush?
KM: Kate Beckinsale
MA: Holy Shit thats one of our celebrity crushes as well.
KM: She’s smart, likes good music and looks good in leather.
MA: Spirit Animal?
KM: Golden Retriever.
MA: One word description of yourself?
KA: Dancey
MA: Where did you get you love for music?
KM: My Dad. He toured the country with the Allman Brothers when he was younger so there was always good music around the house when I was growing up.
MA: Top of you Bucket List?
KA: Start a Festival.
MA: Guilty Pleasure?
KM: Dave Matthews Band.
MA: Drink of Choice?
KM: Mexican Mule.
MA: Top Three live shows you have seen?
KM: 1. Phish at Dicks 2014
        2. Pretty Lights at the Colorado Symphony orchestra 2013
        3. STS9 at Belly Up this winter
MA: Favorite thing about work at Bodega?
KM: The Locals and the laid back atmosphere.
MA: One thing you would take on a deserted island with you?
KM: My Guitar.
MA: What would you choose to be your last meal?
KM: Steak and eggs with Mozzarella sticks.
MA: Favorite Sports team to cheer for?
KM: The Packers.
MA: Favorite 90’s jam?
KA: Ah yeah; all of them.
MA: What live act would you like to see that you haven’t seen yet?
KM: Widespread Panic.
MA: What are you looking forward to in the rest of this season?
KA: More snow, more live music, dancing, and the Messenger partys.
Mr. McCann is a man after our own hearts. There is no doubt that this BOTW is one who will embrace the groove of everyone that sits at his bar. We just wish we could some how let you know how fun and easy it is to talk to our friend Kyle, wait we do; Go by Bodega ASAP and have him make you on of those tasty Mexican Mules tonight.

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