Bartender of the Week: Robert P

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In most situations, homegrown tends to be the best—and that’s just the case with our BOTW, Robert Parker. This fine gentleman was born and bred right here in the Valley and his bloodline reaches far back into our Roaring Fork community. Come to find out, Robby has never lost the enthusiasm and zest that all newcomers around these parts share for this wonderful little corner of the Rockies.  The Highlands Alehouse is lucky to have a local still sees the beauty of our home with the same passion as the tourists who sit at his bar. When you get to know Robby, even just for a bit, the word genuine comes to mind.  That’s why we found it pretty hilarious  after our little “interview” for this article, that Robby exclaimed, “Don’t make me look lame.” And for that, we had only one response—Impossible. Even if we tried it would be a cold day in hell before anyone can make this guy out to be lame. Robby is locked into life here in the valley in all the best ways. He’s a dedicated uncle, avid hockey player (in multiple leagues), a killer bartender (look for him at the Alehouse and Red Onion), and a loyal friend.  When he’s not winning championships for one of his hockey teams, he can be found knocking down pins with his Pops at the lanes where they’re in the local bowling league, or baby-sitting his niece whom he absolutely adores. One of the main things we took away from hanging with Robby is that he’s all about love for family and those around him. And if you want to know what’s really going on in this guy’s head, just listen to one of his philosophies on life—“It’s all about getting from one smile to the next.”  Now that’s a pretty dope way to live. We’re stoked Robby kept things close to home, and that he’s pouring drinks both day and night, all the while helping us keep our minds right.  For if life really is about “getting from one smile to the next” Mr. Parker’s presence is no doubt a great jumping off point. 

MA: Astrological Sign?
RP: Pisces.

MA: What actor would you chose to play you in a movie?
RP: Adam Sandler.

MA: Favorite 90’s Jam?
RP: “Last Dance with Mary Jane,”  by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers.

MA: Spirit Animal ?
RP: Bear, cause I’m so hairy.

MA: Celebrity Crush?
RP: Jennifer Aniston.

MA: Guilty Pleasure?
RP: Partying. 

MA: One Word Description of yourself?
RP: Enthusiastic.

MA: Porn Name?
RP: Rusty Anchor. I have it tattooed on my heart.
MA: Winning!

MA: Drink of Choice?
RP: Tequila. 

MA: One thing you would take with you on to a deserted island?
RP: Shit ton of Tequila.

MA: What would you have for your last meal?
RP: My Mom’s manicotti.

MA: Favorite team to cheer for?
RP: Broncos or Avalanche, it depends on the season.

MA: Best part about working at the Alehouse?
RP: I mostly work the outdoor bar so It’s a pretty sweet office.

MA: Favorite live act you have seen?
RP:  “Love,” by Cirques Du Soliel. 

MA: Pet peeve when you bartend?
RP: When someone says they want a “Soda Vodka,” instead of a “Vodka Soda.”
MA: Hahaha…that is very specific.

MA: Top of your Bucket List?
RP: Travel more.

Robby’s love for his home and all those in it, is certainly contagious. We should all take a note form his playbook by not losing sight of what really matters, and that’s simply being grateful for the things this universe has put right in front of us. Now let’s go visit Mr. Parker’s office this weekend, and close this wily season down with a bang!! Cheers Everybody. 

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