Bartender of the Week: Steph M

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Mi Chola is dope. Our BOTW Steph Monti can be found at this awesome establishment pretty much 24/7. She not only bartends here, she’s all over the restaurant making things happen because she helped launch this new hot spot. Mi Chola has brought a vibe back to the Aspen dining scene that was dearly missed. The food is delicious, the drinks are right on, and the atmosphere is perfect whether it’s day or night. Mi Chola is one of our go-to spots to grab lunch or dinner with friends. The quick and friendly service that one receives here is truly stand out. Their multiple big screen TVs, high ceilings, and open floor plan make it one of the premiere joints in town to catch a game as well. They have also been known to throw a rowdy fiesta or two late into the night by turning their dining room into a dance floor and hosting some of the best local DJs. It says a lot when new owners breathe fresh and successful life into a location. So thanks everyone at Mi Chola, for crushing it. It’s funny that Monti our BOTW was a little shy when approached for this interview, since in most other situations she is straight killing it all while laughing and cracking jokes. Now let’s get to know a bit more about this dynamic human being.
Messenger Aspen: Astrological Sign?
Monti: Pisces but I’d rather be a Killer Whale.
MA: Birth place?
Monti: Sebastpol, California.
MA: Summertime Hobby?
Monti: Work.
MA: Guilty Pleasure?
Monti: Drinking.
MA: Drink of Choice?
Monti: A Margarita, made by me.
MA: Spirit Animal?
Monti: Fox.
MA:One thing you would take on a deserted island with?
Monti: My Kindle.
MA: What celebrity would you pick to play you in a movie?
Monti: Chuck Norris, obviously.
MA: Pet Peeve when you are bartending?
Monti: People who ask for “a beer,” don’t say please,  and don’t even specify what kind of  “beer.”
MA: One word description of yourself?
Monti: Boring
MA: So not true.
MA: Top of your bucket list?
Monti: Travel more.
MA: Dream Destination?
Monti: Right now I would really like to go to Ireland.
MA: Wow, you’re our third BOTW that wants to go to Ireland.
Monti: Well we’re all drinkers,  that makes a lot of sense. I want to go hang out with my people.
MA: What’s your favorite thing about bartending?
Monti: Meeting people.
MA: How do you explain the chill vibe that Mi Chola has?
Monti: The chill vibe happens because of the empolyees we keep, the locals that we keep bringing back, and the friendships that are made within that.
MA: How do you feel about yoga pants?
Monti: Sweaty.
MA: What would you have for you last meal?
Monti: Pizza; pepperoni, black olive, and pineapple. Ohh yeah, I was stealing pizza from people on the bus last night.
MA: Current live act that you would like to see?
Monti: The Aspen Santa Fe Ballet.
It’s easy to say that Mi Chola has quickly become one of the most inviting places in town ( there’s no walls being built here) where tourists and locals alike can enjoy a great meal while getting to know one another over an ice cold cerveza. Take some time out of your busy schedule and come say hi to Steph Monti sometime. There’s a large chance she will be working and no matter what her “one word description of herself” might be, there is no way that she will bore you. This señorita is rad.

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