Celebrity Bartender of the Week: Mattias Horseman

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Aspen’s Cocktail Classic is here to keep us more than busy this weekend. But here’s one thing Messenger wants you to do for us: try to find the guy with the tea cup attached to his belt,  then tell him you’re happy he made it back to town!  Now that our one request is out of the way…have you ever taken the time to ask yourself why you do things? The motivation behind your drive.  That’s the question our all-star BOTW, Mattias Horseman asked himself years ago, and without much thought, a simple answer came to his mind “Family.”  Little did he know that he would manifest the life of a traveling gentleman while working as a Brand Ambassador for Hendricks Gin (on the road 31 days out of 31 days and loving every minute of it). There is no doubt in Mattias’s heart that Aspen acted as a jumping off point for this lifestyle that he now enjoys.

But it all started with that broad theme of “Family.” With that in mind, Mattias ventured to our mountain town to be closer to his cousin, but soon after realized he had gained even more family here while working the bar. And that’s when inspiration began to flow, not only from external forces, but internal ones, as well. Upon finding himself surrounded with people and happenings that burned hot with a passion for the spirits industry, it further stoked his own fire for libations. Mattias life comes full circle this weekend, considering that this grand life was first realized not long ago at a previous Cocktail Classic.

Mattias’s energy is now funneled into his work with Hendricks Gin. And Hendrick’s is no ordinary brand to work for as they pride themselves on the unusual, and bringing people closer together through their product. There’s no denying that a brand which hosts no “cookie cutter” tastings but instead throws events that are meant to make folks feel a part of something, is a perfect fit for a man who’s goal has always been to create a sense of kinship.  It’s our pleasure to have Mattias as part of our Messenger family and for us to be part of his worldwide tribe. Mattias might be an official Brand Ambassador, but long before that he was a thespian, a bartender, and a great friend (all of which he remains on a daily basis). So let’s check in and see what’s up with this man of the world.

MA: Astrological Sign?
MH: Sagittarius. Which is funny because my last name is Horseman.
MA: Quite fitting.
MA: Hometown?
MH: Bournemouth, England.
MA: What does a Brand Ambassador do?
MH: We are like Duct Tape- we do everything. We juggle parties, travel, books and so much more.
MA: Top of your bucket list?
MH: To make a Martini on both poles.
MA: Celebrity Crush?
MH: Jennifer Lawerence
MA: Favorite team to cheer for?
MH: Green Bay Packers because I love cheese.
MA: One word description of yourself?
MH: Sexy.
MA: What would you have for your last meal?
MH: A whole New York style Cheese Pizza.
MA: Guilty Pleasure?
MH: Sonic, I have the same order every time. Four grilled cheese sandwiches, mozzarella sticks, jalapeño poppers, a bunch of ketchup packets, and an extra large vanilla milkshake or a Dr. Pepper depending on my mood.
MA: What one thing would you take on to a deserted island with you?
MH: The entire cast from the original “Bring it On” movie.
MA: HAHAHA…that technically is one thing.
MA: A place you would like to travel where you haven’t been yet?
MH: South Africa.
MA: A pick-up line that you have heard from across the bar?
MH: In light of recent climates, most pick-up lines tend to be pretty Politically Correct.  So something like, “Hey, it looks like you’re reading that menu pretty intently. It looks like you enjoy reading. What’s your favorite book? Would you like me to buy you a drink and we can talk about it?”
MA: Movie you could watch over and over?
MH: “Knotting Hill.”
MA: Spirit Animal?
MH: Owl. It’s handy when I’m in a bar because I can say “OWL have another one.”
MA: Oh, you are so clever with the play on words.
MA: Favorite 90’s Jam?
MH: “Allstar” by Smash Mouth.
MA: Live act you haven’t seen that you would like to?
MH: Carry Underwood. Is that bad to say?
MA: No, you can’t get these questions wrong.
MA: Drink of choice
MH: Gin Martini with a High Life chaser.
Messenger’s happy to reconnect with our wonderful friend Mr. Horseman. As much as it pains us to not have him around town anymore, at least he is traveling the nation spreading his love for Gin and Aspen to all those that are lucky enough to become part of his huge “Family Tree.” If you’re interested in seeing Mattias and his tea cup companion (that never leaves his side), he’ll be painting the town red during the Classic’s Pub Crawl on Sunday, as well as joining the fun at the top of Ajax and just generally out and about every night. We asked Mattias why the Apres Ski Cocktail Classic differs from what we do every weekend here in Aspen; and as always, he summed it up perfectly, “It’s about creating Magic in an already Magical place.”  Bottoms up everyone.

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