Frank Walker – EDM’s Growing Giant

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This Saturday night, you would be ill-advised to miss out on the gentleman coming through Belly Up. Frank Walker is literally one step away from being everywhere with his dance-ready and radio-friendly tracks. Already playing the main stage earlier this year at Miami’s Ultra Music Festival, it should be a no-brainer to throw down $18 to experience him here under the intimate lights of Belly Up Aspen. His anthem-worthy singles will no doubt have the house on its feet all night. With arresting melodies and striking vocals, Walker can be reminiscent of the chart-topping “Chain Smokers” in all the right ways. Hailing from Toronto, the 25-year-old DJ is making big moves, having just signed on with the Golden Hare Group — the creative engine behind Kygo’s rise to fame. Tune into some of his singles like “Angel Falls” and “Young” if you are not already sold on what to do with your weekend. So, let’s get out, give some early Thanks and start this Holiday Season off with a BANG.

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