Gettin’ Buck at Buckhorn

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The END IS HERE… end of the season that is, and shits about to get turnt out at the Buckhorn Cabin from 11 to 3:00pm on Sunday. Aspen 82 and Messenger Aspen are going to form like Voltron, and then deliver a party that’ll take us all a level up. Aspen Brew Co. and Home Team BBQ are going to be there, as well, providing brew and wings so we can continue on being fully-functional, dance machines as the hours role by atop Ajax! And, we’re gonna need all the energy we can get for this one, considering 4 killer DJs’ll be throwing down festival style all afternoon. Golden, Kevin Joyal, El Capitain-aka Bad Bunny, and Zandar, will be our “shamans of music, on the mountain top,” as they usher us through the closing of one season, right on to the heels of the next. This fiesta may be the hottest ticket on Sunday but don’t forget that there’s also an 80’s Bash taking place up at the sun deck right next to our rager at Buckhorn.  So why not kill two party birds with one party stone by suiting up in your raddest and most bodacious attire. The SKY may be long gone, but that’s not gonna stop any of us form eating, drinking and being marry on this Ajax closing day. Its’ fitting that two local companies like Messenger and Aspen 82 are throwing a blow-out at a local hang-out to fill the literal void left behind by the old pool party palace.  The bottom line is this, we love you guys and gals who have crushed it with us all winter (snow or no), and this party is for you! So come dance with us up in the clouds this Sunday. Cheers Everybody.    

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