Party Like It’s 1999!

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You might not know it yet but we all have a deep void inside our hearts that can only be filled by the cheesiest, grungiest, nostalgic bangin’ tunes from the 90’s. This Saturday, let Saved by the 90s help you relive the days of butterfly clips, oversized sweaters, and sweet-cherry coke *ahhh*.  Make sure to tie up those Doc Martins tight cause we’re about to party like it’s 1999! Oh Snap! 

Belly Up is bringing us back with a huge interactive party, featuring a live 90’s cover band that will blow your tube socks right off! Saved by the 90s cover band let’s us’get jiggy with it’ once again, wag those fingers singing ‘can’t touch this’, and reminds us of that ‘freak’ inside us all. Grab your tickets and and let’s transport back to that sweet 90’s dance floor. 

Cowabunga dudes! 

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