The Snowball Train is Rolling In

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It’s almost here folks, the epic carousal that is The Snowball Party. First off, you may find yourself asking, “What is this Snowball party we speak of?” Well  let’s just say, “It’s a Tribal, Pop-Up, Social Adventure” in other words—a one-of-a-kind shebang that can be mind-blowing. John Pick, an actor out of L.A., and his buddies got together not long ago and decided to break the monotony of what night life/social norms have become by bringing back those real human connections that so many nightlife activities are lacking. And that is exactly what The Snowball Party is all about, human connections.  The way this party cultivates genuine connections is through adventure and play (along with some tasty adult beverages). The idea spawned from a dance John had been a part of years before called “The Snowball Dance,” in which two people began dancing then grabbed two others and so on a so forth until the entire dance floor was full. The lack of isolation that this dance provided was something that John thought could be morphed into an even bigger feat of human interaction; hence, The Snowball Party.  

Much like the dance, one begins the party with a single partner, but soon after a series of exploits, you find yourself with a like-minded motley crew. And there’s no telling who you’ll hook up with along the way— for you could come with a group of friends and not even see them till the crescendo at the end! 

Somewhere during the process of growing up and becoming “adults,” the spirit of “play” may have been lost for many of us; but, let it be know that The Snowball Party'” reclaims that spirit in spades. So if you find yourself bored with the nightlife Aspen so amply supplies, or you just feel the need to branch out and play like you haven’t in years, Messenger’s here to provide you with that escape. If you aren’t inspired to buy the ticket yet, we’ll share the awesome way John’s come to describe Snowball. “It’s much like a human algorithm, that unlocks human connection.” What the fuck, right…talk about taking partying to the next level!?  Personally, this is one of Messenger’s favorite events and we’re stoked for the adventure awaiting each and everyone of you. Cheers everybody.

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